Candela Obscura: Core Rulebook Limited Edition

Darrington Press

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This Limited Edition cover is only available on from the  Darrington Press website or Guild stores such as the Little Shop of Magic! 

You’re needed, investigators: join the secret society Candela Obscura to confront occult horrors from beyond, keeping hidden the true nature of magickal incursions besetting our world. 

Candela Obscura is a new tabletop roleplaying game that places you in the roles of investigators working for an esoteric order. In this game of gothic horror, individuals of varied talents are brought together under the organization Candela Obscura. You’ll pursue strange occurrences and encounter dangerous magicks, fighting back against a mysterious source of corruption and bleed. Candela Obscura is the first to use the Illuminated Worlds System, a newly designed system that uses 6-sided dice and lends itself to narrative, arc-driven play.

Inside the Candela Obscura: Core Rulebook you will find 204 pages filled with art, rules, guidance, and setting information, along with a satin bookmark to keep your page. The book contains over 90 pages detailing the turn of the century-inspired setting of the Fairelands, plus 4 full example assignments and 30 example assignments for gamemasters to dive in with their players. As a player, learn to create your characters in an array of different specialties.