Cyberpunk 2077: Gangs of Night City - 3D Hideouts & Drones Kickstarter Exclusive Expansion


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The Kickstarter Exclusive 3D Hideouts & Drones Optional Buy gives you a complete set of Drones and Hideouts, a total of 47 figures, replacing ALL cardboard hideouts and drone tokens for all of the Gangs of Night City. Each of the 9 gang hideouts is uniquely sculpted, standing out in form and color for you to build across Night City.

There are also 20 drones in 4 model variations, so there are enough drones for 5-player games and for you to kit your gangs with whatever drones you want for that session. #dronevibes

The 3D Hideouts & Drones (3DHD) pack comes with:

  • 5 Militech Flathead Drone Figures
  • 5 Zetatech Octant Drone Figures
  • 5 Militech Wyvern Drone Figures
  • 5 Militech Griffin Drone Figures
  • 40 Detachable Drone Bases (4 each of the 10 gang colors)
  • 4 Maelstrom Hideouts
  • 4 Valentinos Hideouts
  • 4 Voodoo Boys Hideouts
  • 4 Tyger Claws Hideouts
  • 1 Aldecaldos Hideout
  • 1 Wraiths Hideout
  • 4 6th Street Hideouts
  • 1 Moxes Hideout
  • 4 Animals Hideouts

The Scavengers do not have a starting district or hideout tokens, therefore do not have hideout figures.