Kickstarter and Pre-Order Policy

Kickstarter and Pre-Order Policy
This Policy describes how our Kickstarter and Pre-Order programs work, along with the terms and conditions you are bound by when you place an order containing one or more of these items from (the “Site”).

Kickstarters and Other Crowd-Funded Projects
Kickstarters and Other Crowd-Funded Projects ("Kickstarters"), are games that are backed (financed) by companies like the Little Shop of Magic and private enthusiasts long before they exist. Our Wizards are happy to be a part of the process that has brought many great games to life over the years but crowd-funded projects, because of their nature, require special procedures to ensure a painless-as-possible fulfillment experience for our customers.

Our site offers both completed ("in-stock") and in-development Kickstarters ("pre-order"). Rules for regular, non-Kickstarted pre-order games apply to Kickstarters as well.

Occasionally, the creator of a Kickstarter will split fulfillment of a project over multiple waves. Should this occur, we will hold your order until all items are in our warehouse.  At our discretion, we may extend the option to have each wave shipped to you as they become available for an additional fee.

Our Wizards and Goblins make every effort possible to fulfill pre-ordered Kickstarter games as soon as they arrive in our warehouse.  However, we have no control over the time it takes a publisher to complete a project and deliver it to us.  If you have concerns about a project taking too long to fulfill, you may contact us to request a refund. All canceled Kickstarter orders are considered final, and will not be eligible for reinstatement once refunded.

If an order includes pre-order items and in-stock items, we may (at our discretion) hold the the in-stock items in reserve until all items are present in our warehouse, and can be shipped together. This may result in your in-stock items being held for a period of time.  

If a combined order of in-stock items and pre-order items is expected to be delayed for an extended period of time, we may contact you (at our discretion) to offer the option of having in-stock items shipped right away for an additional shipping fee, or refunding the pre-order portion of your order.

If a pre-order item arrives in our warehouse four weeks or more after you placed your pre-order, we will contact your prior to shipping to confirm your shipping address. Pre-orders without a confirmed shipping address will be placed on hold until the address is confirmed, and we may, at our discretion, make multiple attempts to contact you or cancelling your order for a full refund.

By placing a pre-order on the Site, customer acknowledges having read and agreeing to the terms of the Kickstarter and Pre-Order Policy listed here.