Marvel United: X-Men Fantastic Four - Kickstarter Exclusive


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When a cosmic radiation incident transformed Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm, and Ben Grimm into the Fantastic Four, one of the greatest hero teams was born! Standing together through thick and thin, they will unite forces with the cosmic Silver Surfer to defeat the mystical and technological terror of Doctor Doom!

This Kickstarter Exclusive Optional Buy brings Marvel’s First Family to Marvel United! Join the fantastic Dr. Richards, Sue, Johnny, and Ben, with the cosmic aid of the mysterious Silver Surfer, as they use unparalleled teamwork to battle the nefarious plans of Doctor Doom across all new Locations being taken over by his unstoppable Doombots!

The Fantastic Four Kickstarter Exclusive expansion comes with:

  • 1 Mister Fantastic Game Piece
  • 1 Invisible Woman Game Piece
  • 1 Human Torch Game Piece
  • 1 The Thing Game Piece
  • 1 Silver Surfer Game Piece
  • 1 Doctor Doom Game Piece
  • 12 Mister Fantastic Hero Cards
  • 12 Invisible Woman Hero Cards
  • 12 Human Torch Hero Cards
  • 12 The Thing Hero Cards
  • 12 Silver Surfer Hero Cards
  • 12 Doctor Doom Hero Cards
  • 1 Doctor Doom Villain Dashboard
  • 12 Doctor Doom Master Plan Cards
  • 5 Doctor Doom Threat Cards
  • 15 Doombot Tokens
  • 4 Locations
  • 1 Fantastic Four Card
  • 1 Challenge Card
  • 1 Takeover Card

A copy of the Marvel United: X-Men base game is needed to play this expansion.

Check out the official Kickstarter project page for additional information!