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Shattered, the Phoenix Force possessed some of the world’s greatest heroes, consuming them with power and blind obsession with taking control of the world. Cyclops, Emma Frost, Colossus, Magik, and Namor. The Phoenix Five now stand as a united force that must be taken down at all costs. Somehow, hope persists, with the arrival of Hope Summers. But will it be enough to break through the might of the Phoenix?

Phoenix Five is a Kickstarter Exclusive expansion that brings a momentous saga to Marvel United. The mysterious Phoenix Force has taken over 5 powerful heroes, turning them into a group of Villains whose unbridled power few can withstand. It will be up to the X-Men, with the aid of Hope Summers, to face a daunting campaign against the Phoenix Five. The outcome of each battle affects the next, and each subsequent foe accumulates more of the Phoenix Force, posing a greater challenge.

The X-Men: Phoenix Five Kickstarter Exclusive expansion comes with:

  • 1 Hope Summers Game Piece
  • 1 Cyclops (Phoenix Five) Game Piece
  • 1 Emma Frost (Phoenix Five) Game Piece
  • 1 Colossus (Phoenix Five) Game Piece
  • 1 Magik (Phoenix Five) Game Piece
  • 1 Namor (Phoenix Five) Game Piece
  • 12 Hope Summers Hero Cards
  • 1 Cyclops (Phoenix Five) Villain Dashboard
  • 1 Emma Frost (Phoenix Five) Villain Dashboard
  • 1 Colossus (Phoenix Five) Villain Dashboard
  • 1 Magik (Phoenix Five) Villain Dashboard
  • 1 Namor (Phoenix Five) Villain Dashboard
  • 12 Cyclops (Phoenix Five) Master Plan Cards
  • 12 Emma Frost (Phoenix Five) Master Plan Cards
  • 12 Colossus (Phoenix Five) Master Plan Cards
  • 12 Magik (Phoenix Five) Master Plan Cards
  • 12 Namor (Phoenix Five) Master Plan Cards
  • 6 Cyclops (Phoenix Five) Threat Cards
  • 6 Emma Frost (Phoenix Five) Threat Cards
  • 6 Colossus (Phoenix Five) Threat Cards
  • 6 Magik (Phoenix Five) Threat Cards
  • 6 Namor (Phoenix Five) Threat Cards
  • 6 Phoenix Force Threat Cards
  • 1 Mission Card

A copy of the Marvel United: X-Men base game is needed to play this expansion.

Check out the official Kickstarter project page for additional information!