Masters of the Universe: Wrath of Snake Mountain

Masters of the Universe: Wrath of Snake Mountain


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Slithering from the bowels of the Dark Hemisphere of Eternia, the Wrath of Snake Mountain expansion brings King Hiss and his army of Snakemen into play. Led by his commanders like Kobra Khan and Rattlor, King Hiss’ snake army has but one goal in mind: to conquer and eradicate any opposition. Equally evil and perhaps even more calculative than Skeletor, King Hiss poses a great threat to Eternia. Will the Masters of the Universe be able to take on King Hiss and his Snakemen Army?

The Wrath of Snake Mountain expansion comes with:

  • 1 King Hiss Model
  • 1 Serpentine King Hiss Model
  • 1 Kobra Khan Model
  • 1 Rattlor Model
  • 1 Snake Face Model
  • 1 Sssqueeze Model
  • 1 Tung Lashor Model
  • 1 Tyrantisaurus Rex Model
  • 8 Snake Trooper Models in 2 sculpts
  • 8 King Hiss Game cards
  • 8 Kobra Khan Game cards
  • 8 Rattlor Game cards
  • 8 Snake Face Game cards
  • 8 Sssqueeze Game cards
  • 8 Tung Lashor Game cards
  • 8 Tyrantisaurus Rex Game cards
  • 6 Poison Pool Tokens
  • 8 Poisoned Tokens
  • 8 Constricted Tokens
  • 8 Petrified Tokens
  • 7 HP Tokens

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