Absolute Power: Book Two - Essentials

Absolute Power: Book Two - Essentials

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The Silver Age has come and gone. Superpowers now bring fear as often as comfort and shades of gray cast the world in shadow, muting the shining colors of yesteryear. Villains have become stronger, and their influence is felt in every nation. The need for heroes is greater than ever. Can you balance superhuman gifts with humility, compassion, and hope? Do you have what it takes to resist the ever-present lure of Absolute Power?

Welcome to the Absolute Power superhero role-playing game – the second edition of 2002’s Silver Age Sentinels RPG.

This 336 full-color pages Book Two matches the first volume and it's title says it all: this is an essential companion for all superhero campaigns, whether they are set within the Sentinel-Earth canon or are creations of your own design.

It provides exquisite setting and genre context for the character creation and game system presented in Book One. This volume opens with an in-depth study of superhero Game Mastering techniques that provides invaluable advice on running dynamic stories at your gaming table.