Absolute Power: Perfect Edition

Absolute Power: Perfect Edition

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The Silver Age has come and gone. Superpowers now bring fear as often as comfort and shades of gray cast the world in shadow, muting the shining colors of yesteryear. Villains have become stronger, and their influence is felt in every nation. The need for heroes is greater than ever. Can you balance superhuman gifts with humility, compassion, and hope? Do you have what it takes to resist the ever-present lure of Absolute Power?

Welcome to the Absolute Power superhero role-playing game – the second edition of 2002’s Silver Age Sentinels RPG.

Dedicated superhero gamers and role-playing aficionados won't want to miss this, because there's no better way to present Absolute Power than in a stunning two-volume collected set wrapped in a protective slipcase. Both volumes feature vibrant leatherette covers – Book One in red; Book Two in blue – with padded boards and silver foil logo stamping on their covers and spines. The durable slipcase is printed in full color with the cover illustrations from Books One (the Guard superhero team) and Two (the White Rooks supervillain team) printed on opposite sides.

Return to the evocative world of Silver Age Sentinels RPG v2.0 — This is the second edition of Silver Age Sentinels superhero RPG, set 20 years in the future.
Tri-Stat System — As a Tri-Stat System game, it’s 100% compatible with BESM Fourth Edition, take your campaign to the next level with an easy-to-learn mechanic that most RPG players have learned through their gaming group. Take advantage of Tri-Stat Core Role-Playing Game System pocket book for your adventure scenarios at any power level.
Full Product Line — Absolute Power is more than just 2 core books, it also encompasses, players folio, dice set, dice tower, cardboard minis and game & adventure screen. A collector edition including both core books in a full-color slipcase is also available. A wide choice to encourage sells.