Alien vs Predator (AVP): Unleashed (Hardcover)

Alien vs Predator (AVP): Unleashed (Hardcover)

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AVP: Unleashed is a tabletop wargame set in the future that pits three different forces against each other in a battle for supremacy. From darkened corridors of derelict spacecraft to hot jungles teeming with strange wildlife, fight your opponents across the galaxy.

Based on the Wargame Adaptive Ruleset (WAR), AVP:Unleashed is a fast-paced, tactical game that pits the forces of two or more players against each other. From small skirmish fights of a squad or two to large-scale battles, AVP:Unleashed can be played in an endless number of ways.

All available AvP Add-ons for boardgame have rules for wargame included in this book.

Version 1.1

This book includes:

132 pages of full color rules and background material on each unit.
Tournament-ready missions and countless ways to play them.
"Escalation" rules for campaigns
3 full factions' Army Lists: The brave forces of the USCM, the elite Predators, and the overwhelming Aliens