Blood Bowl: Match Inducements Card Pack

Blood Bowl: Match Inducements Card Pack

Games Workshop

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  • 11 Inducements that can be used by any team: Bloodweiser Keg, Bribes, Extra Team Training, Wandering Apothecaries, Horatio X. Schottenheim, Hireling Sports-Wizard, Frog, Specialist Assistant Coaches, Temp Agency Cheerleaders, Weather Mage & Halfling Master Chef.
  • 10 team-specific Inducements: Kari Coldsteel, Fink Da Fixer, Papa Skullbones, Galandril Silverwater, Krot Shockwhisker, Chaos Sorcerer, Druchii Sports Sorceress, Plague Doctor, Horticulturalist of Nurgle & Igor.
  • Scatter template / Throw-in template
  • Passing chart / Agility table
  • Weather table / Weather conditions tracker
  • Kick-off table
  • Team Card / Match Record

This card pack comes loaded with reference cards for Blood Bowl's many inducements. No more flipping through various Spike journals or Almanacs just to remind yourself what your inducements do. Rules and an FAQ for using inducements are located in the Blood Bowl 2018 Almanac on Page 135.