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Deep in the Nightmare of Mensis sits the towering structure known as Mergo’s Loft, and at its apex resides its namesake master. Who, or what, exactly is Mergo is beyond mortal minds to comprehend, but his host of deadly attendants will strike down any who would approach their master. In this new Campaign, players will first need to discover a way to access this otherworldly place and, once there, discover the means to slay the unslayable.

Mergo's Loft Campaign includes around 60 cards, between Chapter Cards, Enemy Actions, and Boss Behavior, an oversized Double-Sided Tile representing various levels of the Loft, and its own expansion Box to house its contents.

Mergo's Loft is a full fledged campaign, featuring 3 individual Chapters, with their own narrative, enemies, unique missions, and surprises! The oversized tile contained in this expansion, featuring different locations on each of its sides, connects the players from the streets of Yharnam to the Loft itself, positioned deep within the horrific region/"dreamland" of the Nightmare of Mensis.

In this Campaign, the shrill cries of a being that should-not-exist, something not of our world or understanding, echo through the streets of Yharnam, deepening the madness of the city. The Hunters will first be tasked with finding the source of this new threat, and a way to access its lair.

But unlike the beasts of Yharnam, who fall to fire and blade, it seems these new foes might require new tactics and tools to be slain... Tools, like themselves, not of this world.

Regardless, a Hunter must hunt.

A copy of Bloodborne: the Board Game is needed to play this expansion.

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