Builders of Blankenburg

Builders of Blankenburg

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Bid. Build. Win.

Go back in time to the middle ages and immerse yourself in the game of bidding and building.

In Builders of Blankenburg, you are one of many people working to build up the medieval town of Blankenburg, to gain prestige in the eyes of the count. Prestige is earned by building structures in the town, but to do so you need enough silver to purchase resources with which to build.

Pay attention to the citizens of the growing town. If you build what they're looking for, you'll have a steady stream of income. Builders of Blankenburg introduces the novel citizen track, an ever-increasing populace who all seek places to live and work, while also serving to determine the length of the game. But beware, new events and visitors each turn can disrupt your best laid plans. Make your imprint on Blankenburg, become the most prestigious builder and each the key to the town.