Builders of Blankenburg: Fields & Flocks Expansion

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Fields & Flocks adds a whole new level of strategy to Builders of Blankenburg with the introduction of the Harvest phase. Players now have the ability to raise crops and livestock as alternate ways to earn income and prestige, utilizing their serfs in worker placement fashion. In addition to the new Harvest phase, Fields & Flocks also adds full 6-player support to the game, perfect for larger gaming groups.

This expansion not only adds a side board, serfs, fields, and flocks, it also expands the available Citizens, Events, Visitors, and Characters, allowing for greater replayability. Fields & Flocks maintains the competitive race to build the town while challenging even veteran players with new strategies and paths to victory.

To ensure everything matches perfectly with cards from the original game, this expansion includes a full reprint of every card from the base game.