City of the Great Machine

City of the Great Machine

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City of the Great Machine is a One-vs-Many and Cooperative strategy game set in the Victorian steampunk universe.

The Great Machine, an AI network, controls the City built on flying platforms. As the Great Machine, one player (or Automa) strivesto complete the Master Plan aimed at enhancing Mankind.

All other players are heroes working together against the Great Machine to start a revolution. Both sides of the conflict firmly believe that their course is the right one!

TWO MODES: One-vs-Many for 2–4 players and Cooperative & Solo Mode with fully automated Great Machine vs. 1–3 Hero players.
SECRECY: The Heroes want to keep their plans concealed, but they must communicate in the presence of the Great Machine.
HIDDEN MOVEMENT: The Heroes move covertly through the City by secretly choosing which District they visit.

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