City of the Great Machine: Stand-In Heroes Expansion

City of the Great Machine: Stand-In Heroes Expansion

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The valiant Heroes, represented in the core game, have done their best to resist the Great Machine... but alas have failed. However, there are those who are ready to continue on what they struggled for. They are ready to pick up where those Heroes left off and carry on with their work!

The Stand-In Heroes expansion adds 6 new Heroes with exceptional abilities and tactics. Each of them takes place of the corresponding Hero from the core game in their last attempt to stop the Great Machine.

A copy of City of the Great Machine is required to play.

NEW GAMEPLAY PERSPECTIVE: six new Heroes share the same tactical niche as their predecessors, but they take a completely different approach.
OPTIONAL STAND-IN VARIANT: players start with the core game Heroes and replace them with their Stand-In counterparts when they are detained.
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