City of the Great Machine: The Escalation Expansion

City of the Great Machine: The Escalation Expansion

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The struggle between the Resistance and the Great Machine enters a whole new level.

New Heroes with unique abilities join the side of Revolution, while the Great Machine enhances its Servants with powerful implants and sends its new secretly trained Servant into the field.

The governmental Surveillance Zeppelin now cruises over the City, opening up new opportunities for both sides of the conflict.

A copy of City of the Great Machine is required to play.

FOUR MODULES for One-vs-Many and Solo & Cooperative plays. Mix and match them in any combinations!
ASTOUNDING MINIATURES: including the 85-mm height Surveillance Zeppelin that cruises over the City and pushes the ’cat and mouse’ aspect of the game to its peak.
AETERNA SCENARIO: Special rules and challenging missions for Solo & Cooperative plays.