Cult Following: The One True Game

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Do other games leave you feeling...empty inside? Cult Following: The One True Game is a storytelling game where you convince your friends that the eternal truths that you just made up should command devotion, while their fanatical ravings are just plain ridiculous. Choose ideas from a hand of cards, bind them together into a ridiculous cult, and pitch it to your friends. Answer pointed questions from potential recruits, defending your own ideas while attacking the lies of the other cultists. Describe how your cult ascends into fame and fortune, while others languish in obscurity! Will your friends heed your warning about timid forest creatures, shapeshifting and unspeakable horrors, or will another cult steal your rightful followers?

Cult Following: The One True Game is an irreverent storytelling card game where you make ridiculous cults using ideas from the deck and your own creativity, then pitch them to your friends. "Monsters under the bed are real! They think people are food and our children are not safe! Our cult will protect your kids by putting live bears into every children’s bedroom, so you can rest easy! Players are divided into two groups. "What should I bring to my first cult meeting , "Which cult at this table is your worst enemy, and why or the all important What’s in it for me.

  • "recruits ask questions from the cards to help them figure out which cult is right for them
  • "cultists take ideas from the deck and bind them together into a ridiculous story, which they pitch to the other players