D&D: Icons of the Realms - Adventure Box: Goblin Camp

D&D: Icons of the Realms - Adventure in a Box: Goblin Camp


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Upgrade your Dungeons & Dragons gameplay, with the Adventure in a Box- Goblin Camp! Inside you will find 9 pre-painted miniatures, 8 different camp dressings (including two fire pit configurations), and a two-sided, slide together tiled battle map to build out your very own goblin themed adventure. Whether your next clash with goblins is a brief encounter or a drawn out scenario, the Adventure in a Box - Goblin camp is your place to start

7 Goblins
1 Goblin Boss
1 Supply Wagon
1 Cargo
1 Dire Wolf
1 Tent
1 Flag Pole
1 Fire Pit with 2 Fire Options
1 Cooking Pot
2 Spiked Barricades
1 1'x1' Two-Sided Battle Map