DUST 1947: USMC Demolition Squad

DUST 1947: USMC Demolition Squad

DUST Studio

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Dust 1947 miniatures are already assembled, primed, and ready to paint or play a game right out of the box.

When the Imperial Japanese Navy advanced through the Pacific, it conquered a vast number of remote islands. Ordered to defend them were a few resolute soldiers who didn’t have much equipment, but had a lot of free time on their hands. So they did as any soldier in the world does when there’s nothing else to do: they dug in.

It was soon evident that if you were sent into one of these squads, you were soon to meet your maker - whatever you conceived Him to be. With such a high rate of casualties, they called themselves "The Saints". Nevertheless, these Marines are immensely respected in the Corps, and often benefit from slightly more relaxed standards of discipline.