DUST 1947: Barking Dog (Light)/Mickey (Light)

DUST 1947: Barking Dog (Light)/Mickey (Light)

DUST Studio

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Dust 1947 miniatures are already assembled, primed, and ready to paint or play a game right out of the box.

Filling a gap in the Allied armoured arsenal between the M3A2 Mickey (Light) and the M3C Pounder, the M3G2 Barking Dog (Light) is an excellent anti-tank walker and can serve as a close support vehicle. Its six M40 recoilless guns fire in sequence, aimed at the same point thanks to a very advanced targeting system.

The sound of the guns firing a couple of seconds apart resembles a loud dog barking, hence the nickname of "Barking Dog". This dog’s bite is far worse than its bark! Its 106mm rounds will easily destroy enemy fortified positions or blast tanks into smouldering heaps of metal.