DUST 1947: Axis SturmKönig/Königsluther

DUST 1947: Axis SturmKönig/Königsluther

DUST Studio

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Dust 1947 miniatures are already assembled, primed, and ready to paint or play a game right out of the box.

The KönigsLuther is a formidable walker, easily among the most fearsome on the planet. The heaviest variant of the Luther, it sometimes wins battles even before firing a shot. Its raw firepower is so terrifying that many enemy tank commanders simply refuse to fight it without heavy support. The SturmKönig fills the air with such a sheer volume of fire that few aircraft can withstand its sustained barrage. Capable of dealing with any kind of threat on the battlefield, it's a favorite of Axis armored regiments all around the World.