Forged Book of Incantations Spell Card Book - Black Dragon Edition

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SIZE:  Compact at 4.5 inches by 3.5 inches.  Includes 30 pages that fit 60 spell cards back to back or 30 singles.  Big enough to fit the spells you'll need for any dungeons and dragons campaign.

QUALITY:  Made of high quality PU Leather (leather look but not real leather).  High grade stitching and acid free crystal clear pages

DETAILED:  Cover is embossed with a custom dragon design that complements any deck of Arcane, Druid, Cleric, Paladin, Bard, Ranger or Martial cards

DECK OF CARDS:  Included is a deck of 54 customizable double sided dry erase spell cards.  One side with a scroll design and the other size with a parchment paper design.  Can be used with dry or wet erase markers

STORAGE:  Store your Book of Incantations in the velvet bag included.  Measures 5x7 inches and can also hold up to 150 dice.  Complete with the Forged Dice Co flaming dice logo on the front

Forged Dice Co brings you our Book of Incantations & Customizable Deck of Dry Erase Cards.  Big enough to hold 60 spell or monster cards  yet compact enough to travel.  Organize your dungeons and dragons spell cards and be ready for your next battle.  Fits standard size playing cards or any of the dnd spell cards 5e versions:  druid, cleric, ppaladin, bard, or ranger.  The custom dragon embossed design complements your 5e books and dungeons and dragons cards.  Made of high quality PU leather (looks like real leather) and constructed with high grade stitching will keep your dnd cards protected for many hard fought battles.