Goodman Games 2022 Yearbook

Goodman Games 2022 Yearbook

Goodman Games

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The multiverse spins wildly through the ether and another year passes. Grey-bearded sages reflect upon the days that were, collecting happenings of merit in their demon-hide tomes to be remembered down the eons. One such tome has slipped through the dimensional barriers to manifest as the Goodman Games 2022 Yearbook. Dare you peer within its covers? This annual release from Goodman Games is one part new gaming material, one part retrospective, and one party celebration of all the cool things Goodman Games and its fans accomplished during past year. The 2022 Yearbook contains a bevy of information both entertaining and useful. Within its pages, you’ll find interviews, art galleries, new monsters for both Dungeon Crawl Classics and 5e campaigns, two new adventures for 5e and DCC RPG, photographs, random tables, and more! No matter if you like your dice traditional or funky, the Goodman Games 2022 Yearbook makes a handy addition to any gaming library. Don’t let time pass you by. Pick up your copy today!"

A recap of the year that was 2022, including a checklist of all Goodman Games releases.
New adventures for both 5e and DCC RPG
New monsters for both 5e and DCC RPG Exclusive interviews from fan favorites
Plus much more!