HeroClix: Marvel Giant-Man Con Exclusive


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Greetings, HeroClix fans! Welcome to another peek into the future, as we take a gander at one of the upcoming 2017 Winter WizKids Open Convention Exclusive Figures. Today, we’ve got the sometimes pint-sized, but this time giant-sized, Hank Pym, Giant-Man!

Giant-Man is a Colossal-sized figure, meaning he has access to Great Size, Giant Reach: 3, and Colossal Stamina. These abilities give him several effects starting with Improved Movement – Ignores Elevated, Hindering, and Outdoor Blocking Terrain, and he may move though squares adjacent to or occupied by opposing charactersHe can attack characters up to 3 squares away with close attacks with Giant Reach, and Colossal Stamina allows him to be given a non-free action if he has two action tokens, but he will take 1 unavoidable damage, and won’t be able to clear action tokens after that round. He is also able to Carrycharacters that are a smaller in size than he is, which can be useful for positioning your force.