Hop, Waddle, Stomp!

Hop, Waddle, Stomp!


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A fun and silly game of moving and matching!

Lay out the parent cards on one side of the room and the colored puzzle pieces on the other side. Then, toss the beanbag to pick a color and crab a puzzle piece that matches the color.

A penguin, a foal, a bunny, an elephant... Whatever the animal is on the puzzle piece, you've got to move like it as you make your way across the room and connect it with its matching parent card.

It's sure to get everyone giggling!

With multiple ways to play for ages two and up, the Hop, Waddle, Stomp game is a great way to get everyone learning and laughing together.

Hop, Waddle, Stomp!
  • Game of matching animals while you move like them
  • Encourages image recognition, matching skills, coordination, creativity
  • Toss the bean bag to pick a color, then draw a puzzle piece of that color
  • Move like the animal on the puzzle piece as you match it with its parents
  • Multiple ways to play - Grows with your child
  • Includes eight 3-piece animal puzzles, soft and washable beanbag
  • Detailed game rules and instructions included
  • High-quality materials - Exceptional play-and-learn experience