Legendlore - Core Rulebook

Legendlore - Core Rulebook

Onyx Path Publishing

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The Realm of Legendlore sits on an unstable nexus of reality and sees many visitors from other worlds. You are such a visitor. In Legendlore, you have Crossed from Earth into East Azoth and become a changed version of yourself — a songwriter finds themself a bard, a scientist a wizard. You might find yourself in a whole new body to better match your true self, including adopting a new fantasy race. Legendlore offers a diverse and inclusive world filled with adventure and mystery. Fight megalomaniacal dictators, explore magic and strange science, and claim your Legend as you find a way back home.

In this book you’ll find: 18 backgrounds to play as yourself in Legendlore, such as activist or scientist; Legend mechanics to represent your destiny, plus 5 sample Legends; Seven player races, including pixies and orcs; Two new classes, the alchemist and gunslinger, and 15 sub-classes; A starting OGL adventure with five pregenerated characters. Drawn from The Realm and Legendlore comics, the Legendlore RPG will whisk characters from our world to a magical fantasy realm filled with dragons, orcs, unicorns, and hobgoblins. With over 60 comics published covering three volume runs, The Realm and Legendlore combined became one of Caliber Comics' most critically acclaimed series. Note: Legendlore is a 5E OGL campaign setting, not a stand-alone book.