Machina Arcana: Game Mats

Machina Arcana: Game Mats

Giga Mech Games

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Included in this bundle:
  • 4x Player mats (65 x 20cm each) - one for each player to place their player board and inventory,
  • 1x Location mat (65 x 67cm) - for the map tiles, tokens, monster figure, and cards,
  • 1x Story mat (23 x 65cm) - for the chapter board, events, and items.

Each mat is made of polyester on the 2mm thick rubber by PlayMats.EU from Poland. This material is flexible, keeps its shape, and can be rolled easily for storage.

Game mats are designed to be modular, allowing you to use only the pieces you need. If you use all the mats, they will neatly create a perfect 130 x 85cm rectangle (approx. 5' x 3'), with the Location and Story Mats centered on one side and the Player Mats placed around them.