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This Kickstarter Exclusive Optional Buy gives you a full set of all Villain Dashboards included in the Marvel United: X-Men campaign, printed on thick cardboard tiles. The normal Villain Dashboards are printed on 400gsm thick laminated card stock, which works just fine for this game. However, some players prefer thick cardboard tiles for these components, so this option was created for them

The X-Men Cardboard Villain Dashboards tile set includes copies of all Villain Dashboards found in the Marvel United: X-Men core box and all of the expansions and Stretch Goals added to this campaign, for a total of at least 36 dashboards, 3 of them oversized ones, plus any others that were revealed before the end of the campaign.

The Carboard Villain Dashboards expansion comes with:

  • 4 Villain Dashboards – Marvel United: X-Men core box
  • 2 Villain Dashboards – The Horsemen of Apocalypse (the Horsemen one being oversized)
  • 1 Villain Dashboard – First Class
  • 1 Villain Dashboard – Blue Team
  • 1 Villain Dashboard – Gold Team
  • 1 Damage Dashboard – Blue or Gold Team
  • 1 Villain Dashboard – X-Force
  • 5 Villain Dashboards – Phoenix Five
  • 2 Villain Dashboards – Deadpool (the Deadpool one being oversized)
  • 1 Villain Dashboard – Days of Future Past (oversized)
  • 15+ Villain Dashboards – Stretch Goals

To make sure your game components are properly upgraded to thick cardboard, this set also includes thick cardboard versions of the Mission Guide, as well as the Mission Cards that are attached to it:

  • 1 Mission Guide Tile
  • 5 Mission Tiles (The 3 standard Missions, plus Use Cerebro and Train Hope)

A copy of the Marvel United: X-Men base game is needed to play this expansion.

Check out the official Kickstarter project page for additional information!

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