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This Kickstarter Exclusive Optional Buy gives you a complete set of around 250 plastic tokens to replace all the cardboard tokens in the entire Marvel United line! This includes all the tokens in either the original Core Box or the X-Men Core Box, as well as any that are part of the Optional Buy Expansions and Promos. These tokens take the original designs and translates them into colored plastic tokens with engraved designs, giving them a different feel and much more durability.

The Kickstarter Exclusive Plastic Token Pack comes with around 250 tokens, including:

Core Tokens:

  • 36 Citizen/Thug Tokens
  • 6 Threat Tokens
  • 18 Heroic Action Tokens
  • 12 Attack Tokens
  • 12 Movement Tokens
  • 12 Wild Tokens
  • 32 Health Tokens
  • 18 Crisis Tokens
  • 4 Invulnerable Tokens
  • 2 Villain Delayed/Accelerated Tokens
  • 1 Initiative Token (Blue and Gold Teams)
  • 6 Mission Complete Tokens (Blue and Gold Teams)

Character-Specific Tokens:

  • 1 Senator Kelly Token (Mystique)
  • 1 Hunted Token (Sabretooth/Lady Deathstrike)
  • 12 DNA Sample Tokens (Mister Sinister)
  • 3 Freeze Tokens (Iceman – First Class)
  • 5 Stun Tokens (Blue and Gold Teams)
  • 3 Bomb Tokens (Boom-Boom)
  • 10 Dupe Tokens (Multiple Man)
  • 2 Hypno-Tokens (Sauron)

Classic Tokens:

  • 8 Endangered Location Tokens (Rise of the Black Panther)
  • 12 Exposed Tokens (Enter the Spider-Verse)
  • 3 Journalist Tokens (Enter the Spider-Verse)
  • 4 Mistrust Tokens (Tales of Asgard)
  • 4 KO Tokens (Guardians of the Galaxy Remix)
  • 6 Plan Tokens (Kingpin)

Plus any other tokens introduced by the Kickstarter Stretch Goals or Optional Buys.

A copy of the Marvel United: X-Men base game is needed to play this expansion.

Check out the official Kickstarter project page for additional information!