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Created by Cable out of the remnants of the New Mutants, the X-Force is unlike other X-Men teams who focus on reacting to Villain’s schemes and protecting the innocents. Following Cable’s philosophy of “Get them before they get you,” the X-Force is an aggressive team who actively attacks evil mutants every chance they get.

Phoenix Five is a Kickstarter Exclusive expansion that brings a momentous saga to Marvel United. The mysterious Phoenix Force has taken over 5 powerful heroes, turning them into a group of Villains whose unbridled power few can withstand. It will be up to the X-Men, with the aid of Hope Summers, to face a daunting campaign against the Phoenix Five. The outcome of each battle affects the next, and each subsequent foe accumulates more of the Phoenix Force, posing a greater challenge.

The X-Men: X-Force Kickstarter Exclusive expansion comes with:

  • 1 Pixie Game Piece
  • 1 Cannonball Game Piece
  • 1 Domino Game Piece
  • 1 Stryfe Game Piece
  • 1 Shatterstar Game Piece
  • 1 Cable Game Piece
  • 4 Location Cards

A copy of the Marvel United: X-Men base game is needed to play this expansion.

Check out the official Kickstarter project page for additional information!