Massive Darkness 2 Darkbringer Pack

Massive Darkness 2: Darkbringer Pack


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The Darkbringer Pack contains all the Kickstarter Exclusive Stretch Goals:

  • 12 new Heroes (Ivan, Gera, Mist, Cassiel, Hariet, Lyn, Father Corvus, Ego, Daisy, Ryff, Victor and Valdis and more)
  • 2 new Mobs (Nagas and Nymphs) with leaders and minions
  • 6 new Roaming Monsters (Buer, Amon, Azmozeus, Gryphon, Valkyrie and Vindicator)
  • 3 new Bosses to be used with Massive Darkness 2: Hellscape and Heavenfall (Scorpion King, Charon and Hades) with dashboards and tiles
  • 2 Shaman Spirits
  • 1 Tinkerer Exo-Armor 
  • 3 Tinkerer Constructs