Master Series Paint: Russet Brown

Master Series Paint: Russet Brown

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Highly pigmented with a matte finish, the Master Series Paints Core Colors are water soluble and stored in 1/2 oz dropper bottles. This airbrush-friendly paint is perfect for plastic, metal, or resin models.

Come in 1/2 oz. dropper bottles. They are meant to be dispensed onto a palette or other mixing surface and thinned a bit with water before use. Thinning a Master Series Paint for basecoating your miniature works well using a ratio of four or five drops of paint to one drop of water or flow improver. Other applications, like washes or layering, require more thinning.

Master Series are a thinner, more fluid paint, and will typically require two smooth coats (thinned as outlined above) to cover well. Because of this they excel at techniques requiring thinned paint, such as washes, glazing, and layering. If you are looking for a paint which can be thinned extremely, which resists separation of colors when thinned, and which has inherent flow properties to achieve beautiful smooth blends and delicate glazes, Master Series is probably your pick!