Masters of the Universe: 3D Pack - Nature Set

Masters of the Universe: 3D Pack - Nature Set


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You can now fill the lands of Eternia with greenery! With roots, shrubs, flowers, and vines, Eternia will come alive on your tabletop! The Kickstarter Exclusive 3D Pack: Nature Set replaces the Forest and Lake cardboard overlays from the Clash of Eternia Core Box. In addition, they come with customizable shrubbery that can be removed and replaced, letting you dress each terrain tile however you wish and making room whenever models need to enter them! And if you are feeling truly inspired, you can even add more than 1 pack on top of your existing terrain to create your own maps and scenarios!

The 3D Pack: Nature Set Optional Buy includes:

  • 2 Curved 3-Hex Forest Base
  • 2 Triangle 3-Hex Forest Base
  • 2 Straight 3-Hex Forest Base
  • 1 Cross 4-Hex Forest Base
  • 1 Wide 5-Hex Forest Base
  • 1 10-Hex Lake Tile
  • 7 Various Shrub & Plants 

Check out the official Kickstarter project page for additional information!