Masters of the Universe: Plastic Castle Grayskull Pack

Masters of the Universe: Plastic Castle Grayskull Pack


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Assault on Castle Grayskull’s new game mode puts players into one of two teams: the aggressors, who are attempting to take down the castle walls to gain control of Castle Grayskull, and the defenders, who must attempt to withstand the siege and protect its magical secrets.

This expansion brings powerful tools for both defenders and aggressors alike. As the game progresses, you will choose powerful Upgrades that aid you in your attack or defense of Grayskull: Should you play as the defender, you will have the castle’s full array of tools at your disposal. Build a mighty Laser Turret to rain down firepower on your foes! Raise your Banners high to grant boosts to your troops! As the aggressor, cunning strategies and tools are available to you as you plan your assault: Force Shields, Battle Ladders, and more are at your disposal.

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