Masters of the Universe: the Evil Horde + Mantisaur


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All hell breaks loose in The Evil Horde expansion as Hordak sets his army of savage warriors upon Eternia. Trapped in the dimension of Despondos for eons, Hordak has been lying in wait and preparing his forces. Now with the aid of Skeletor, Hordak will finally escape his bondage and take his revenge on those who captured him in the first place! He-Ro may no longer live, but his descendants, the so-called Masters of the Universe, will feel Hordak’s wrath!

The Evil Horde expansion comes with:

  • 1 Hordak Model
  • 1 Hordak on Mantisaur Model
  • 1 Catra Model
  • 1 Mantenna Model
  • 1 Grizzlor Model
  • 1 Leech Model
  • 1 Modulok Model
  • 1 Shadow Weaver Model
  • 8 Horde Trooper Minion Models in 2 sculpts
  • 3 Horde Wraith Elite Minion Models
  • 9 Hordak Game cards
  • 8 Catra Game cards
  • 8 Mantenna Game cards
  • 8 Grizzlor Game cards
  • 8 Leech Game cards
  • 8 Modulok Game cards
  • 8 Shadow Weaver Game cards
  • 8 HP Tokens
  • 6 Shadow Cage Tokens
Includes Kickstarter exclusive Mantisaur.

Check out the official Kickstarter project page for additional information!