One Card Wonder

One Card Wonder

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One Card Wonder is a family game of collecting resources and racing to complete a wonder that will be the envy of the world! Designer Nat Levan, who also designed New Bedford and Nantucket, has created a fast-paced, asymetrical resource collection game where you can learn about these true wonders while competing to build Supports and deploy influential Leaders as you collect the resources you need to achieve your wondrous goal. With a quick 15 - 20 minute playing time for 2 to 6 players age 8+, you can build wonders with the entire family several times in one evening! In One Card Wonder, you must balance your actions to be the first to complete your wonder and be the envy of the world! Each player receives a card depicting a Wonder of the ancient world that they must build in addition to a set of Support buildings that they may choose to build to help them as they build their wonder from the ground up. Fast, simple and jaw-dropping gorgeous!

Balance building wonders directly or investing in support structures that might help complete your wonder sooner. Historically accurate. Learn about the world's wonders and the powerful leaders that built them.

2-6 players
Ages 8+
15-20 minute play time
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