Questlings RPG: Essentials Pack

Questlings RPG: Essentials Pack

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In Questlings: RPG, players will play as two characters, one as your kid form and one as the Inner Hero your child aspires to be! The game guides players and game moderators through a map accompanied with a storybook to give them a framework for roleplaying and building the story.

Each character has Goals to achieve when they go through the story. Once the characters have gained 3 Inventory items, they can go to their location of choice on the map to achieve their goal using those items! Goals can vary from winning at a martial arts competition to helping clean up the environment in the town!

This essentials pack includes:

• Questlings RPG Book
• 1 Map
• 6 Double-sided Bookmarks
• 6 Dry Erase Player Sheets
• 13 Dice