(Rental) Gnoming a Round

(Rental) Gnoming a Round

Grandpa Becks Games

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Rowan was a restless gnome, bored of the everyday gnome life of garden tilling, bee-conversing, and acorn collecting. He fancied himself an adventurer and often rode saddled atop his turtle through the Great Wood to spy on the big folk, bringing back to the village tales both strange and wonderful.

On one such adventure, Rowan returned to the village with a tale that captivated them all: chiseled castles, towering windmills, plaster dragons, and tidy green lawns under a glittering and majestic sign reading “Mini-Golf.” The gnomes set to work immediately, intent on recreating this verdant wonderland.

After a week of diligent trimming, digging, and weeding, Helna’s golden Acorn Trophy was sitting atop a pedestal beyond the last hole. The course at Stottingham Shire was open and the game was ready to begin!

*Please see our rental policy for terms and conditions.

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