(Rental) Kill Merlin!

(Rental) Kill Merlin!

Schuman Family Games

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Undecided? Crowded game library? Have guests to entertain? Our wizards can help you solve all these problems with our game rental program!

For a fraction of the purchase cost, you can take our demo titles home for a test drive. Enjoy it with your friends and loved ones: if you really like it, we'll credit your first day's rental fee towards the purchase of a brand new copy from our shop!*

Merlin is the most powerful wizard in the land, and he has cornered the market on all mana and magical ingredients. His impetuous and undpredictable nature has made life for an aspiring magic user a challenge. As long as Merlin lives, you and your fellow wizards must hide in the shadows and follow his every whim. You know that there is only one way to end his megalomaniacal reign.

You must kill him.

Use your wits, magical ingredients, and the very elements of nature to assemble a mystical spell that can bring Merlin down. However, as you pursue your dreams of power, so too do the other magical beings of the realm. And the only thing more dangerous than a crafty old wizard is an ambitious young one. Actually, all wizards are terrifying, so be careful.

Buy ingredients, learn spells, cast spells to thwart your opponents, and be the first to defeat Merlin so that all may revere your glory!

*Please see our rental policy for terms and conditions.