(Rental) Villainy

(Rental) Villainy

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Undecided? Crowded game library? Have guests to entertain? Our wizards can help you solve all these problems with our game rental program!

For a fraction of the purchase cost, you can take our demo titles home for a test drive. Enjoy it with your friends and loved ones: if you really like it, we'll credit your first day's rental fee towards the purchase of a brand new copy from our shop!*

Make your mark on the world as an aspiring super villain!

Be the first villain to complete three plans to beat Fantastiman (that pesky superhero who watches over the city day and night).

Hire minions to aid you in your quest for world domination, commit crimes, and go to work as your alter ego to learn the skills necessary and the gain the cards you'll need to see your great plans through to their triumphant end!