Rifts RPG: European Castles

Rifts RPG: European Castles

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40 notable European castles with artwork and their actual floor plans.

  • Glossary of terms regarding the parts of the castle.
  • Cutaway of a traditional square keep and wall ratings.
  • 40 European castles by country, like Karlstein castle (Czech Republic), Bolton Castle (England), Dover Castle (England), Ludlow Castle (England), Chateau De Chillon (France), Tarasco Castle (France), Ortenberg Castle (Germany), Ferrara Castellow D’este (Italy), the Kremlin (Russia), Borthwick Castle (Scotland), Belmonte Castle (Spain), Margat Castle (Syria), Chepstow Castle (Wales), and others.
  • 56 floor plans.
  • Artwork and floor plans by comic book creator Mike Gustovich.
  • All are real world castles from across Europe. An excellent reference and starting place for ideas to build your own fantasy castles for Palladium Fantasy®, Dungeons & Dragons®, Pathfinder®, or any fantasy role-playing game setting.
  • Easily adaptable to ANY role-playing game system.