Shadows of Brimstone: Forbidden Fortress Core Set

Shadows of Brimstone: Forbidden Fortress Core Set

Flying Frog Productions

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It is the mid-1560s in Feudal Japan and the entire country has been engulfed in a brutal civil war for over 100 years. While the countless Samurai Clans battle one another for dominance, a blazing meteor streaks through the sky…the "Sword of Heaven"! Crashing into the Sacred Mountain, a cataclysmic explosion showers the countryside with a glowing, black rock…Dark Stone. Collected up by the nearby Clans and greedily hoarded into their fortresses, the Dark Stone has magical properties as it is forged into weapons and armor, giving any who wield it an edge in battle. But the power of the black rock could not be contained! Portals to other worlds rip open whenever the Dark Stone is concentrated, unleashing creatures of myth and legend to spread across the land! While most flee in terror, some heroic individuals step forward with honor, fighting to hold back the Darkness!

Forbidden Fortress is a fast-paced, dungeon-crawl boardgame set in Feudal Japan, and mixed with Unspeakable Horror! Each player creates a character, taking on the role of a classic Japanese Hero Archetype, such as a Samurai Warrior, ninja Assassin, Traveling Monk, or even a mystical Sorceress. Forming a party of Heroes, the players explore a dynamically generated fortress, overcoming dangerous encounters and fighting savage creatures, while collecting Gear and Artifacts to help them on their adventures. Heroes can even find portals to other worlds, stepping through to continue their adventure on the other side.

A campaign system allows Heroes to be kept from game to game, earning experience and going up in levels to increase their skills and gain new abilities. The Heroes can also visit local Feudal Villages between adventures, spending their hard-earned loot and re-supplying for the next mission. So draw your swords, strap on your Samurai Armor, and gather the party. The Darkness is coming and the gates of hell are about to break…


  • 1 Rulebook 
  • 1 Adventure Book 
  • 16 Small Dice 
  • 1 Eight-sided Die 
  • 1 Peril Die 
  • 1 Entrance Map Tile 
  • 12 Room Map Tiles 
  • 9 Passage Map Tiles 
  • 14 End Caps 
  • 4 Gate End Cap Map Tiles 
  • 1 Depth Track 
  • Large Assortment of Die-cut Counters 
  • 1 CD Soundtrack of Original Music 
  • 4 Double-sided Hero Character Sheets 
  • 7 Double-sided Enemy Record Sheets 
  • 9 Double-sided Extra Large Cards 
  • 4 Side Bag Cards 
  • 10 Reference Cards 
  • 4 Plastic Hero Figures 
  • 6 Plastic Acidic Tentacles 
  • 6 Plastic Tengu 
  • 6 Plastic Dishonored Dead 
  • 3 Large Plastic Oni 
  • 1 Large Plastic Harionago 
  • 1 Extra Large Plastic Living Statue 
  • 18-Card Fortress Map Deck 
  • 24-Card Gear Deck 
  • 10-Card Starting Gear Deck 
  • 20-Card Fortress Encounter Deck 
  • 18-Card Fortress Artifact Deck 
  • 26 Threat Cards 
  • 7 Belly of the Beast Threat Cards 
  • 7-Card Growing Dread Deck 
  • 12-Card Darkness Deck 
  • 10-Card Personal Items Deck 
  • 12-Card Loot Deck 
  • 12-Card Scavenge Deck 
  • 15-Card Belly of the Beast Encounter Deck 
  • 12-Card Passage Encounters Deck 
  • 15-Card Belly of the Beast Artifact Deck 
  • 21-Card Belly of the Beast Map Deck 
  • 13 Hero Starting Upgrade Cards 
  • 24-Card Elemental Magik Deck 
  • 10-Card Samurai Battle Tactic Deck 
  • 4 Ninja Clan Cards 
  • 6 Enemy Trait Cards 
  • 3 World Cards