Siege of Terra: Lion’s Gate Space Port Map

Siege of Terra: Lion’s Gate Space Port Map

Games Workshop

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This full-colour map measures 594mm x 420mm – that's A2 for those of you in the UK looking to frame it. It comes wrapped in a vinyl map roll to keep it safe, which also allows you to unroll it like the precious artefact that it is.

The map depicts an artfully rendered overhead view of the vital Lion’s Gate. You’ll find a detailed study of the towering dock that stretches into the upper atmosphere of Terra, allowing massive starships to directly offload cargo – critical to the traitors’ strategy.

If you're planning on besieging Terra some time in the next 30,000 years, you'll want to make sure this is on display so you can study it at length. Likewise, if you plan to defend the planet, this will help you figure out how to best fortify the port. You could also just gaze at it lovingly as you read through the Siege of Terra series. itten by Guy Haley