Siege of Terra: The Defence of the Lion's Gate Map

Siege of Terra: The Defence of the Lion's Gate Map

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This full-colour map measures 594mm x 420mm – that's A2, for those of you in the UK looking to frame it. It comes wrapped in a vinyl map roll to keep it safe, which also allows you to unroll it like the precious artefact that it is.

The map shows an overall view of vital locations, walls, gates, and bastions in the swirling battle surrounding the Lion’s Gate. With moves and counter-moves constantly in flux on both sides, there’s a lot to keep track of. This artfully rendered depiction is as useful as it is beautiful.

Whether you want to see the walls of Terra stand for all eternity, or whether your traitorous heart yearns to tear them down and burn it all, this display piece will fill you with many hours of enjoyment, fuelling your imagination and helping map out the movements of this incredible saga. itten by Guy Haley