Squishable Comfort Food Corn (Snugglemi Snackers)


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For years I was terrified of corn. Well, not exactly corn...their kids. The children of the corn. Baby corns, hiding in the corn maze, lurking in the crops, hovering at the edge of the pasture just out of sight. I'm finally over it though! I even picked up this cute little corn on my way home, through this dark, secluded field. Wait, what's happening? NOOOO STOP! CORN WHYYY!!

Fancy a snack? Snackers are bite-sized Squishables! They're smaller than a Mini but bigger than a Micro (that's 5-6")! They've got a base of beans on the inside, and our special soft fur on the outside! Stack 'em! Display 'em! Throw 'em at someone! [Editors note: don't throw them at someone.]
3.5(w) x 3.5(d) x 7(h) inches. Polyester fiber, polyethylene pellets, ages 0 and up!