Star Wars: Age of Rebellion: Force-sensitive Emergent Specialization Deck

Star Wars: Age of Rebellion: Force-sensitive Emergent Specialization Deck

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Climb effortlessly through the ranks of the Rebel Alliance with Star Wars®: Age of Rebellion Specialization Decks! Created via FFG’s in-house manufacturing, Age of Rebellion Specialization Decks each come with twenty talent cards for a single specialization, so you can keep the text of your character’s abilities at your fingertips. Whether you’re learning the ropes, flying starfighters into battle, or exchanging blaster fire with Imperial Stormtroopers, Specialization Decks will help you spend less time reviewing the rules so you have more time to battle the evil Galactic Empire!

As Force users have been among those persecuted by the Empire, many of them have come to sympathize with the Rebellion and its goals. Within the ranks of Rebel organizations, Force-sensitive individuals are relatively safe from the Empire and have access to one of the few remaining societies in the galaxy that openly acknowledges and encourages an understanding of the light side of the Force. Clear your mind and reach out with your feelings to touch the Force with the Force-Sensitive Emergent Specialization Deck.

Each Specialization Deck contains:

  • 2 cover cards (including a reference guide for each deck)
  • 20 standard sized talent cards