Terrain Crate: Town Square

Mantic Entertainment

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This set contains 68 pieces of scenery for a town square. The scale is 28-30mm, making them perfect for many modern and historical games. The pieces are cast in high quality plastic and are preassembled, ready to play straight out of the box.


  • 2x Store Shelves
  • 2x Cash Registers
  • 2x Pile of Parcels
  • 2x Newspapers
  • 2x Scales
  • 2x Stack of Tins
  • 2x Store Counters
  • 2x Small Jars
  • 2x Large Jars
  • 2x Signposts
  • 2x Lampposts
  • 2x Cafe Table with Parasol
  • 4x Wicker Chairs
  • 2x Hydrant
  • 2x Advertising Board
  • 2x Bicycle
  • 2x Mailbox
  • 1x Statue
  • 1x Market Stall (multiple components)
  • 1x Phonebox
  • 2x Wheelbarrows
  • 2x Cracked Plant Pots
  • 2x Plant Pots
  • 2x Bushes
  • 2x Watering Cans
  • 2x Wooden sided plant beds
  • 2x Garden Benches
  • 2x Waterbarrels
  • 2x Squirrels!