The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls Requiem - Ultimate Collector's Box (Kickstarter Edition)

Maestro Media Ventures

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Kickstarter Exclusive "Full Collection" Pledge for Binding of Isaac Board Game by Maestro Media. 

The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls Requiem is a huge expansion of the original Binding of Isaac: Four Souls game. Fight new monsters, collect new items, play as new characters. The expansion also adds new Solo and Multiplayer game modes and a brand new ROOM deck! The Room deck shakes up game play by adding global effects to all players that modify existing mechanics and even add new ones.

This Kickstarter exclusive Ultimate Collector's Box includes:

  • 340 Binding of Isaac: Four Souls 2nd Edition Base Game cards,
  • 68 Kickstarter-Exclusive Four Souls Gold Box Expansion cards from the previous campaign,
  • 94 cards from the Four Souls+ Expansion,
  • 248 Requiem Expansion cards,
  • New Collector’s Dice with Isaac’s face on one of the sides,
  • Pennies (100),
  • Coin bag,
  • Heart Tokens,
  • Kickstarter-Exclusive Warp Zone
  • Alt Art cards, and
  • All other unlocked stretch goals.

*All cards have been updated with enhanced backgrounds and updated wording for clarity!