Rook & Raven: The Investigator's Kit - Call of Cthulhu

Rook & Raven: The Investigator's Kit - Call of Cthulhu

The Rook and The Raven

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The Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition system kit includes 5 Character Sheets, 3 Character Background sheets, a Quick Reference chart, and a pair of wet-erase overlays.

  • Character Sheets (x5)
    Track your characteristics, max sanity, luck, and magic points, skills, commonly used weapons, and more
  • Character Background Sheets (x3)
    Who were you before you became an investigator? Jot down your backstory so it’s always close at hand. Add a sketch or portrait, as well as details about your physical appearance, ideology/beliefs, meaningful locations, phobias, and more
  • Quick Reference Sheet (x1)
    Keep your Half/Fifth table at your fingertips along with other useful reminders
  • Wet-Erase Plastic Overlays (x2)
    Placed over the character spread, these overlays enable you to use wet-erase markers to track your current sanity, luck, magic points, hit points, cash, and anything else that tends to change frequently or temporarily