The Little Prince: Rising to the Stars

The Little Prince: Rising to the Stars


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Experience the classic story of The Little Prince in a family board game by Antoine Bauza and Bruno Cathala!

Based on, and borrowing imagery from the 2015 film, The Little Prince: Rising to the Stars takes you on an extraordinary journey from Earth to the little prince's asteroid home, in a plane guided by a fox and following in the footsteps of the little prince himself.

Over the course of your flight you'll peer through telescopes, encounter birds, and collect stars. Choose moments from the little prince's life in the form of story tiles, and if you can unite the fox and the little prince, you'll earn more stars than you can any other way.

Whether you rush towards asteroid B612 or proceed slowly, savoring your travels, you'll enjoy taking flight in this vivid, imaginative, easy-to-learn game.